2021 Investment Opportunity in Australian Farming

Introducing a unique investment opportunity in sustainable farming horticulture, enabling year-round supply for Australian consumers to leafy greens and herbs. The company seeks to raise up to $2,000,000 with no minimum subscription amount for the Offer.

Investment Highlights

Profitable fresh herb & leafy greens business with significant growth opportunities from operational expansion and optimisation of sustainable farming models. Introducing low to zero use of chemicals, 20 times less use of water, stable year-round production and controlled cropping.

o The projects are supported by the long-term trading relationship with Coles.

o Strong revenue growth over the last five years (19% CAGR) through the integration of leading systems and technologies.

o Demand now outstrips production by 50%.

o This offer seeks to raise funds to enable increased cultivation of two of the highest selling products. 

Company Information

Unlisted public company based in Melbourne, Australia focused on evolving the traditional industry of leafy green vegetable growing from diminishing market gardeners to a new technologically driven, sustainable business format.

o 2 farms in Victoria, 1 in Queensland

o Cultivating and marketing circa 200,000 units per week Audited FY20 revenue of $16.6m

Market Opportunity

The current revenue wholesale market for fresh herbs is estimated to be around $155m. Currently this market is fragmented and driven by small scale farms. Potential growth opportunities: -

o Retail - Distributing 21 varieties of popular culinary herbs to supermarkets, green grocers and the central markets for retail consumers.

o Hospitality - Expand into unique culinary products such as micro-greens and edible flowers, primarily marketed towards the hospitality industry.

o Health - Expand and diversify operations and cultivate plants and herb extracts for
medicinal use and intends on working with vitamin companies.

Three Stage Strategy For Growth

1 - Consolidate by increasing output from existing assets to reduce reliance on 3rd party produce purchases to meet strong demand.

2 - Optimise by establishing first stage of purpose-built Victorian facility to maximise production efficiencies providing a template for national roll out.

3 - Expand by building new purpose-built facilities in New South Wales and Western Australia to complete national roll out.

Limited offer to our clients of CIC and Connect Business Advisors who are sophisticated and qualified investors . For more information please contact Pinky Tang at ptang@connectinternational.com.au.

Suite 2, Level 13, 350 Collins Street, Melbourne VIC 3000

+61 3 9592 2357

AFSL: 405890


By Lisa Taylor on 31 Dec 2020